Portfolio Management

Sustainable, responsible and impact investments
Environmental, social and governance screens provide you with the option to screen out companies involved with nuclear power, GMO's, animal testing and fossil fuels. You may also screen out companies that do not meet your standards for environmental, human rights, or employee relations. Historically, companies involved in the production of tobacco, military weapons and alcohol have been excluded from most social investment portfolios.
 If you are a shareholder. You have a voice. First Affirmative and their many partners actively engage in dialogue with corporations to help bring about change on the issues you care about. When dialogue fails resolutions may be filed and/or advocated for during each "proxy season". Voting your “proxy” helps you use your influence as a shareowner to improve corporate decision-making.
Community investing directs capital to people and businesses in low-income communities who have difficulty accessing funds through conventional channels. Your investments can support community organizations, aging and gender equality and many other sectors such as health, education, small business, affordable housing, sustainable agriculture, and climate change solutions.
SRI portfolios are designed to be diversified across all asset classes and incorporate...
Avoid investing in companies with practices that do not line up with your personal values.
Invest in companies whose operations and services are helping to build a better, more socially just, environmentally sustainable world.
Engage in dialogue with companies to encourage more positive and responsible behavior. Proxy resolutions may be filed when dialogue is not productive.
Community Impact
Provide investment capital in low-income areas for affordable housing, small business and community development--improving society one community at a time.

First Affirmative Investment Committee 

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Chief Economist

Investment Criteria

First Affirmative follows an established investment management process consistent with strict standards of fiduciary care. Money managers and third-party managers seek competitive returns and incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into their investment decision-making across portfolios.

Fiduciary Duty

First Affirmative upholds their fiduciary duty to disclose compensation structure, potential conflicts of interest and timely and clear disclosure of relevant and accurate information. 

Portfolio Asset Allocation

Clients benefit from First Affirmative's deep experience integrating ESG criteria into investment decision making. 

Fossil fuel free portfolios are available for those who wish to divest from fossil fuels.

Sustainable Investment Solutions (Click to download)
  • Strategically Allocated Mutual Fund Accounts
  • Diversified Weighted Mutual Fund Accounts
  • Unified Managed Accounts
  • Separate Accounts 


Any investment portfolio that is restricted will perform differently than an unrestricted portfolio. Historically, well-diversified, professionally managed portfolios have at times outperformed their peer group average, and at other times underperformed. As the future unfolds, it is reasonable to expect periods of both out performance and under performance.

Past Performance is never a guarantee of future results. All investment programs entail investment risk. The investment securities that may be held in a portfolio managed by First Affirmative are subject to fluctuations in market value and may be worth more or less than the original investment when redeemed.